• George Hardas

Activator Methods

The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique can be identified as a practice of determining and treating varying forms of neck, back and head pains (including migraines and chronic headaches), and is utilised by some Chiropractors. This technique employs a small apparatus which is called the “Activator Adjusting Instrument” that is hand held and works to transmit to the spine, a moderate pulsing force, as a means to rehabilitate and improve function to the focused joint/vertebra within the spine. The apparatus is loaded with a spring with an intention of resembling spinal adjustments carried out by the hands.

Theoretically, and as some Chiropractors see through the use of the device, are two advantages. The initial prime advantage of this Technique is the speed and efficiency that can be achieved through the device. What this illustrates is that a patient’s body, due to the speed of the device, will be at a decreased probability of tensing up as a response, and therefore, becoming more susceptible to the treatment. The second most common advantage of this Technique is the ability to allow treatment to be restricted to a specific area, whereby there is no need for further adjustments to be made, which can sometimes be seen with other adjustment measures. The Activator is designed to in this way.

Here at Spinal Care, Dr George Hardas has been, since 1995, using Activator Methods. For more detailed information on this particular technique, see:  http://tinyurl.com/y5wzewk8

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