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Chiropractic Care in Winter

During the winter season, many individuals find that they become more susceptible to encountering different health issues which can prove tough to overcome during their everyday life. Here at Spinal Care, as professional Chiropractic specialists, we can offer ways to allow individuals a reduction and prevention in health concerns, as well as health maintenance during this period. To increase the likelihood of maintaining your body’s health during the colder climate, below discusses the importance of incorporating chiropractic care into your daily schedule.

Initially, chiropractic care during winter can help prevent stiffness in the body as well as pain. The cold often makes joints and muscles stiff, resulting in difficulty when it comes to stretching them. The reason for this is that the muscles begin to tighten – reducing heat dissipation, in an attempt to keep the body warm, and therefore becoming inflexible as well as making the body more prone to injury. Further, this is linked to body pain which can increase or arise due to stiffness. This can be prevented through a visit to the chiropractor whereby we will aim to reduce and keep the stiffness absent by ensuring the spine is aligned in the correct way. We will work to adjust the body to get the muscles and joints moving, as a way to alleviate the stiffness as a result of the cold, which prompts a healthier body in general.

Moreover, chiropractic care during winter can support the body in warding off the cold and flu. The most commonly thought of health concerns that arise during the winter season is the cold and the flu, which can range from mild to severe depending on every individual. A chiropractor’s job is to adjust the spine, which forms a major part of the nervous system, and plays a role in communicating with other bodily systems, including the immune system. The immune system is in charge of tackling the illnesses and bacteria the body encounters, hence why it is crucial to maintain its healthy functioning. A chiropractor’s work will encourage a reaction, where they ensure the spine is healthy, thus supporting the nervous system, and then enhancing the immune system.

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