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Do you know how to achieve a healthy sleep ?

Do you know how to achieve a healthy sleep ?

We know that sleep is important for our health and maybe we know how much we need but how many of us are aware of what influences the quality of our sleep in day to day life?

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining overall health for babies, children and adults and is the most important factor when determining the human lifespan. It is averaged that a sleep time of between 7-9 hours increases lifespan.Common causes of sleep disturbance:Ways to improve sleep: ·         Stress·                     Sticking to a schedule, sleep and wake at the same times each night.·         Too much caffeine·                     Avoid eating too close to bedtime particularly spicy/fatty foods·         Tobacco and  Alcohol·         If hungry close to bedtime choose serotonin triggering foods such as; carbohydrates, Milk, tuna.·         Temperature too hot/cold·                     Avoid alcohol near bedtime·         Irregular awake hours/sleep pattern.·                     Avoid caffeine and nicotine·         Medications·                     Ensure adequate exercise although avoid too close to bedtime.·         New baby ·                     Keep sleep environment slightly cool·         Pain  and or Uncomfortable mattress·                     Only sleep at night, if your work schedule allows.·         Pets in the bed·                     Limited daytime naps to 20 minutes.·         Spouse snoring/other noises·                     Keep room quiet·         Too much light in the bedroom·                     Manage pain

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