• George Hardas

Jaw Pain

In order to determine if there is a basis for the treatment of jaw (Temporomandibular Joint) pain using Chiropractic Activator Methods International protocol.

The Temporomandibular Joint consists of structures and nerves similar to other joints in the body, it does however have a functional connection with the cervical (neck) spine. In particular, the first cervical vertebrae, in which the jaw has the same nerve connections.

A prospective case series was conducted with nine adult patients presenting with jaw pain. The main outcome measure was to change from baseline to follow-up of Visual Analog Scale (VAS) for jaw pain and maximum active mouth opening without pain. Full spine and jaw adjusting was employed in accordance with the Activator Methods International protocol, where participants were typically seen three times per week for two weeks, and according to individual progress thereafter for six more weeks.

From the partipating nine adults, eight had completed outcome assessments where the median Visual Analong Scale decrease was 45 mm (range 21-71); all experienced improvement. The median increase of mouth opening was 9 mm (range 1-15); all showed improvement.

The concluding results found that the symptoms of these participants improved following a course of treatment using the Activator Methods International protocol.

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