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Pain medication VS Chiropractic care

It has been suggested that an individual suffering from chronic pain is recommended to visit a chiropractor, or here at Spinal Care, Dr George Hardas who has extensive training in the spine, pain management and cognitive behavioural therapy as an alternative to the use of pain medication. Where pain medicationis seen to mask the pain for a temporary period of time, it will never be the method of treatment for the main cause prompting the pain. On the other hand, Chiropractic care does exactly that.

Chiropractic care, as opposed to utilising pain medication, allows for not only the alleviation of pain from a patient, but also prevents the potential of the pain returning in the future. More often than not, individuals turn to the abuse of pain killers as an easy method to halting their pain, finding that it eventually does little to nothing to treat their underlying problem when the effects of the medication wear off.

To address briefly, two reasons to why Chiropractic care is better than pain medication is as follows. The initial benefit is that Chiropractic care is not considered addictive. The concept is that with pain medication, the more an individual is consuming, the more tolerance they are building to it, hence, needing to up their dose in order to feel its full effects. Chiropractic care, however, differs to this. It becomes a process an individual learns to enjoy without becoming addicted, but rather find relief from pain in a way that does not risk tolerance or addiction in addition. The second reason for Chiropractic care as opposed to pain medication is that it is a sustainable, long-term resolution. Chiropractic can be carried out at any time, the following day or the future without there being the same risks that come with the use of pills over a long-term period. It is seen as an effective and safe treatment option for everyone, including the elderly and the youth.

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