• George Hardas

Sleep, Mental Health & Chiropractic Care

There is a well developed link between sleep and mental health, whereby a lack of sleep has been seen to have disturbances on an individual’s mental health as well as their psychological capacity. What sleep is said to be is a constructed living derivation of resilience and the capability to rebound and recover. Those who are sufferers of mental health conditions are more probable to experiencing insomnia or other sleeping troubles. It often puts into place a phase of depression, negative judgments, emotional burdens, as well as anxiety.

A study carried out by the American Sleep Research Institute found that there was a definite link between respondents’ quantity/quality of sleep and their self-described overall mood. Results indicated that those individuals who were receiving fewer than 6 hours of sleep per day were on average, more stressed, sad, angry and dissatisfied with their lives.

In terms of Chiropractic care, it can be implemented as a calming mechanism to alleviate bodily stresses, particularly through the nervous system, allowing for the care to aid in proper blood flow throughout the nervous system. What this then results in, is decreased subluxation that tends to prompt obstruction between the brain and the spine which causes sleeplessness. Chiropractic care relieves this discomfort, placing the mind at ease, and inducing relaxation and sensitivity to falling asleep.

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