• George Hardas

Spinal care as you age

As every individual ages varyingly, there are all expected bodily changes which take place progressively. Not considered rare are the many aches and pains which do come with aging, however, it is important to determine which bodily changes are natural due to growing older, and which ones are not deemed natural, but preventable. In particular, the spine, through aging, tends to displace its density as well as its flexibility and resilience, which then makes individuals less likely to tolerate the ordinary daily strains they once could, therefore becoming more vulnerable to injuries.

As Chiropractic specialists, we can understand that genetics play a part in this aging, but lifestyle decisions may additionally assist with the way in which the body handles it, hence it is never considered too late to begin pursuing an active way of living. It can be recommended from a professional’s perspective that two of the most significant ways of living actively in order to allow the body to endure the issues that come with aging include; posture maintenance and keeping active.

At our practice, we can offer you professional advice on what processes apply to your unique presentation. In terms of posture maintenance, it is very important to understand the benefits of good posture. It is the main method by which the body remains aligned in order to prevent needless strains on muscles and ligaments. Correcting posture is never too late to be done, and it is suggested that allowing the spine to remain in a neutral state as opposed to slouching prompts a healthy spine and better mobility. Further, keeping active and remembering to include exercise into daily schedules aids overall wellbeing. Not only does it allow for improved flexibility, but increases spinal stability. At an older age, we understand not all exercises are achievable, so we suggest low-impact activity on a regular basis. Any form of physical activity, whether it is high or low intensity, will always assist in maintaining the body overall, and in particular, keep the spine healthy – however, always best to check with a professional before doing so.

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