• George Hardas

Spinal Injuries During Childhood

Spinal injury can begin from the forces and stresses of birth, especially if forceps or suction are used. Falls from prams and high chairs, tumbles down steps, constant bumps to the head and bottom whilst learning to walk, falls out of trampolines, sporting and car accidents all contribute to accumulated stress on the framework of a child’s body, contributing to damage and imbalance of spinal and other joints, ligaments and muscles.

We all know that childhood years are crucial to our development, and if problems are not resolved then we often carry them through life and risk a predisposition for the issues to continue. For example: unresolved problems in children caused by accidents such as falling during play, may lead to chronic headches and disc injurires to the cervical and Lumbar spine that persist and or worsen into adulthood.

It is not normal for children to have headaches, constant ear infections and allergies or growing pains.

Clinical experience, backed by an increasing amount of scientific research has shown that a wide variety of childhood problems may respond to Chiropractic treatment.

These include:

  1. Colic

  2. Irritability

  3. Ear infections

  4. Learning difficulties

  5. Headache

  6. Visual problems

  7. Recurrent throat infections

  8. Digestive disorders

  9. Scoliosis

  10. Hyperactivity

  11. Allergies

  12. Growing pains

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