• George Hardas

The Connection Between Organ Function and Chiropractic

Disturbances of the nervous system may cause or aggravate disease in various parts or functions of the body. Vertebral and pelvic subluxations may be involved in common functional disorders of an organic, visceral and vasomotor nature.

How do we connect the organ with the subluxation, and thus the spine as the disease causing factor? The conductivity of a nerve can be interfered with by abnormal pressure on the spinal nerve, which is caused by a subluxation in the intervertebral foramen. This abnormal pressure does not compress the nerve, but interferes with the transmission of impulses. Example, organs which we do not receive a normal impulse supply undergo functional and or organic changes, their resistance to disease is reduced. The nature of the illness depends also on other factors present at the moment the subluxation occurs, or those which may come afterwards. A subluxation is characterised by the fact that it makes an organ susceptible to disease.

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