• George Hardas

Why is my pain ongoing?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020


This is pain you are still feeling because the pain pathways are still working even though the injured tissue has healed.....in other words these pain pathways haven't switched off!

The danger with this is that medication that is codeine based or synthetic derivatives are prescribed that believe it or not keep these pain pathways working...leading to addiction without knowing it-We have the treatment to reverse this!

Being more technical:

· Sensitisation can be identified as the elevated receptivity of the nociceptive neurons to their regular admissions, or can also be seen as the acceptance of feedback to regular subthreshold admissions.

· It has been noted that sensitisation can consist of a dip in threshold, but can rise in suprathreshold (stimulus great enough to generate activity in impulsive cells) reaction. Voluntary expelling/elevation in responsive area size might also take place.

· Clinically speaking, the implication of sensitisation may only occur indirectly from development which may include; allodynia or hyperalgesia.

Central sensitisation:

· Central sensitisation is defined as the elevated receptivity of the nociceptive neurons within the central nervous system to their regular or substhreshold neural admissions.

· In addition, this may comprise of an increase in tolerance as a result of dysfunction of the internal pain command systems. If the neurons are operating regularly, peripherally, then changes in activity only develop within the central neurons.

Dr Hardas uses procedures as taught at the Pain Management Research Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital, to overcome these chronic pain conditions.

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