• George Hardas

Wolper Jewish Hospital

I was invited along with a Neurologist and a Radiologist by Wolper Jewish Hospital to present chiropractic’s role in headache management.


The New South Wales Jewish Hospital

In 1947 a joint initiative of several Sydney Jewish doctors, the Young Men’s Hebrew Association (MYHA) and the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) successfully opened a hospital in Wentworth Street, Point Piper. The doctors included Dr. Fanny Reading (NCJW), Dr. Joseph Steigrad,Dr. H. Landecker, Dr. A. Owen and Dr. A. Reading. Mr Sam Karpin was President of the YMHA.

The hospital was situated in “White Abbey but the organisation also owned the house next door named “Linlithgow”. A much larger general hospital was proposed but unfortunately a capital appeal to build the hospital fell flat and plans were put on hold.

“Linlithgow” was sold reducing financial commitments but the hospital ceased functioning in 1954 and funds were held in trust by the Committee.

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