• George Hardas

5 Tips for Back Pain Relief

Due to the more modernised way of living, individuals are rarely taking one of the most frequent health concerns; back pain, seriously. They have become so busy and occupied with their lives that the sensation, although slight, of back pain discomfort, does not receive its required attention. What is important to understand though, is that back pain often has a poor impact on quality of life, which can also negatively affect sleep quality, and further affect efficiency at work. Listed below are several pointers which can assist in relieving back pains.

  1. Maintain a good posture: A natural remedy effective in alleviating back pain is the maintenance of good posture; either being seated or standing, it is advised that every individual maintains an elevated chin, chest out, and the most crucial being a straight back. This allows for blood flow, oxygen and chemicals to flow fluently throughout the body’s organs. This, in turn, assists in the long run with preventing problems associated with back pain.

  2. Check your weight: When it comes to dealing with back pains, weight becomes one of the most important aspects to consider. When an increase in weight occurs, it tends to place unnecessary pressure onto the spine, which can result in strains and pains in the back. Therefore, the management of weight may effectively deter pain away from the back.

  3. Sleep properly: Assisting significantly in the repairing of problems with back pain is a decent, required seven to eight hours of sleep, on a proper mattress and in the correct positioning; on either your back or on your side. It is not recommended to sleep on your stomach, as it is not deemed good for the health

  4. Lifting properly: Many back pain concerns stem from lifting heavy items inaccurately. If it is to be done, it is suggested it be carried out in the correct form, which means keeping the legs bent, but the back straight at all times. Allowing the object being carried to be kept close to the body is suggested, as it allows the spine to be guarded from potential injuries, and prevent back pain.

  5. Keep your muscles strong: There is a heightened risk of stressing out the spine when lifting heavy items if your back muscles are not supportive/strong enough. This often results in back pain, therefore, it is highly recommended to keep engaged in exercises or activities that promote muscle strength.

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