• George Hardas

Case Report 3 – Child Care

The C1 vertebrae, the initial vertebrae located in the spine, or also referred to as the “atlas” holds one of the most important roles as it acts as the main supporting platform for the spinal column, vertebral arteries, the skull, as well as maintains several connection points for muscles within the neck. This direct attachment allows for nodding motions and the side to side rotation of the head to be carried out through these neck muscles. Distinguishing this vertebral segment from the rest is foramen or ‘gaps in the bone’ which enable the arteries to make contact with the brain, providing it with blood flow. This, otherwise known as intervertebral disks, is not present in the separation of the C1 vertebrae, but instead, a synovial joint.

Our chiropractor, Dr Hardas will implement chiropractic care as a means of achieving a combination of pain reduction, improved motion and restoration to the function of both the neck region and head. Following a thorough physical examination and full review of patient medical, social, past and familial histories, as well as any test results. As seen in a recent patient case, presenting to our clinic, at the age of 10 was a young female who complained of back and neck pain, with associated headaches.

The outcome for this patient was a total ceasing of her spinal pain and headaches.

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