• George Hardas

Case Report Patient 2: – Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a commonly painful matter which disturbs the lowest segment of the spine. The lower back is the region which begins beneath the ribcage, and is generally referred to as the lumbar region. It is most often a result of impairment to the muscles or ligaments, either known as strains or sprains. Pain which occurs here tends to be more intense and is usually caused by fractures, poor posture, ruptured discs, incorrect lifting, and an absence of consistent exercise or arthritis. In regards to symptoms associated with lower back pain, pain in the lower back is the natural indication of the pain, however, some people may experience other symptoms which include; pain in their muscles and bones, their legs, or hips, as well as pins/needles and numbing sensations in their legs. Muscles spasms and joint dysfunction are also additional common signs of lower back pain.

Dr George Hardas, the chiropractor at our clinic will undertake a patient history where certain information will be collected in order to determine the condition and its cause. For example, it will be necessary for him to ask questions in regards to the current symptoms of the patient, their level of activity, sleeping habits, as well as their posture. Following this, the physical examination and any additional tests will be carried out to establish the most effective treatment option.

Presenting to our clinic was an extremely acute patient who had intense lower back pain, due to mechanical origins. Her pain stemmed from an area of dysfunction located at the L4 vertebral segment (one of the lowest vertebrae located within the lumbar spine).

The outcome for this patient was a full recovery of her presenting signs and symptoms.

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