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Pain Clinic Discusses the Lesser-Known Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

Unity Spine & Joint, a renowned pain clinic in Mesa, Arizona, wanted to point out some of the lesser-known benefits of Chiropractic Therapy. They thought this was important to help people realize that chiropractic treatments truly do offer a significantly more well-rounded treatment experience than most people realise. This is also in keeping with this Mesa pain therapy center’s philosophy that a well-informed patient stands to not only gain the most from their chiropractic treatments but will also better do their part to keep themselves on their path to wellness.

The clinic’s lead doctor, Dr. Thomas Morgan, says, “Many people who schedule appointments with a chiropractor fully realise that with these treatments they stand a great chance that they will find some relief from the musculoskeletal problems that are bothering them. The most common of which are pains in such areas as the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back. Being as experienced as I am in the field, I can also confidently tell you that there are many more potential benefits from chiropractic care than most patients realize. For those patients that are new to us, we will go over this information and more when you sit down with us for your free initial consultation.”

Dr. Morgan went on to discuss some of the lesser-known benefits that their patients can experience from getting chiropractic treatments done. He started by talking about how some chiropractic treatments can aid digestion. Many patients do not even realize that their vertebrae play an essential role in how food passes through their body. The clinic’s lead doctor went on to say that when vertebrae are misaligned, it can trigger the connecting nerves to begin sending off signals to the stomach to produce higher amounts of stomach acid. This often results in such unwanted physical conditions as gas, acid reflux, and heartburn. Another lesser-known chiropractic care benefit that Dr. Morgan mentioned is improved breathing. This again relates to their treatments promoting better nerve function in such areas as the thoracic and mid-cervical region. If corrections are not made in these areas people may not be breathing at their full capacity.

The clinic’s lead doctor also talked about how proper chiropractic care can help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is something nobody wants to deal with because it is the root cause of so many bodily ailments; some of which can be very severe. Treatments that lower blood pressure involves the neck area and make use of what is called the ‘Atlas adjustment’ technique. This technique realigns certain groups of nerves found in the neck and when in their preferred alignment it has been this has the potential to lower blood pressure. Dr. Morgan went on to note that easier pregnancies and boosted Immune Systems are lesser-known benefits of chiropractic care.

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