• George Hardas

Real Nerve Pain

Neuropathic Pain

- This can be defined as pain which is brought about by an injury or a disease of the “somatensensory” (part of the nervous system which reacts to any changes in bodily sensations, i.e. itches, pains, pressure) nervous system.

- It can be noted than neuropathic pain, is rather a description as opposed to an actual diagnosis, and requires determined injury or disease which meets specific criteria relative to neurological diagnosis. When diagnostic examinations, including; lab tests, imaging or neurophysiology acknowledge deformities or where trauma is clear, the caption, “lesion” or “injury” can be applied. Additionally, the use of the phrase “disease” can be utilised when the known cause of the injury is certain. This, for example, includes; strokes and diabetes.

- Rather than external sensors like hearing and vision, somatosensory refers to the internal sensors such as pressure or pain.

Central Neuropathic Pain

- This can be classified as pain which results from injuries and diseases within the central somatosensory nervous system.

Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

- This pain is caused by diseases and injuries of the peripheral somatosensory nervous system.

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