• George Hardas

Seasonal pain.

The cold often makes joints and muscles stiff, this can make it difficult to stretch them. The reason for this is that the muscles begin to tighten – reducing heat dissipation, in an attempt to keep the body warm, and therefore becoming inflexible as well as making the body more prone to injury. Pain can present and highten due to stiffness.

During the cooler seasons, many people find that they are more likely to experience health issues and pain which can prove tough to overcome during their everyday life.

People with existing joint issues can become affected by temperature changes, such as those that are affected by osteoarthritis.

Here at Spinal Care, as professional chiropractic specialists, we offer ways to reduce and prevent health concerns and maintain health during this period. Chiropractic care during cooler seasons can help prevent pain and stiffness in the body. We will work to make sure that the spine is alinged correctly and get the muscles and joints moving to promote general body health and alleviate stiffness and pain.

Dr George Hardas will be able to work with you in regards to your lifestyle so that you are able to maintain good spinal health at home and make positive changes in the following:

  • Regular exercise.

  • Maintaining good posture.

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Proper lifting techniques.

  • Quitting smoking.

  • Proper sleep.

  • Mobile phone use.

A chiropractor’s work will ensure that the spine is healthy, thus supporting the nervous system, and then enhancing the immune system.

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