• George Hardas

Switch your pain off

Pain threshold:

Pain threshold refers to the level by which an individual encounters pain; the intensity of a stimulus by which one feels to be uncomfortable/painful.

- The most common understanding of this threshold is the overall experience of an individual in terms of pain, and how they perceive it.

- Most frequently, researchers who base their work on pain, commonly define this threshold on the stimulus, which should be avoided, but is still able to be recognised and measured in this way.

Pain tolerance level:

The pain tolerance level is the greatest intensity of a stimulus which generates pain that an individual is able to receive at any given circumstance.

- As seen with the aforementioned pain threshold, the pain tolerance level is the intuitive encounter felt by the individual.

- The stimuli that are typically calculated in terms of its production are the pain tolerance level stimuli rather than the actual level itself. Therefore, it can be said that both pain threshold and pain tolerance level are not characterised by stimulation externally.

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