• George Hardas

Treating whiplash at Spinal Care

Dr George Hardas, a university trained Chiropractor, with a 5 year degree and an additional completion  of 10 years of clinical research at the Orthopedic Research Institute at St George Hospital, operates at Spinal Care, a Chiropractic clinic specialising in the diagnosing and treating of musculoskeletal conditions emphasising his work in spinal adjustment/ manipulation and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Although treatment for multiple conditions can be acknowledged in Dr Hardas’ works, a common focus can be drawn to the issue of whiplash. Whiplash is an injury which affects an individuals’ neck often ensuing a sudden and forceful strength, which prompts an accelerated movement of the neck and head both backwards and forwards.

Dr Hardas will begin with a patient history to determine existing conditions, how the neck injury came about and the ongoing signs and symptoms, followed by a physical examination of the neck, including; observation, palpation and range of motion. If nerve damage is suggested through examination, he will then test reflexes, sensation and muscle power. These will assist in determining treatment. He may also, if potential neurological issues or fractures are suspected, refer his patients for X-rays, MRIs, Bone scans or CT scans.

Although Chiropractic treatment for whiplash will vary from patient to patient, some common treatment options in which Dr Hardas specialises in here at Spinal Care includes; spinal manipulation, the stimulation or relaxation of the muscles, stabilisation activities and exercises, or advice to implement necessary lifestyle/ergonomic changes.

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