• George Hardas

How sleep is affecting your weight.

Sleep, obesity and weight loss.

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining overall health and in particular being able to maintain a healthy weight and achieving weight loss. Sleep deprivation and or having irregular sleep patterns are major factors in the cause of obesity.

How does sleep affect weight?

When we sleep many functions take place including:

Growth hormone release:

  1. Growth hormone is responsible for controlling body fat and muscle.

Production of leptin hormone:

  1. Leptin helps the body recognise when it is full.

Cortisol release:  

  1. Cortisol is the stress hormone, this hormone level lowers when we sleep. When awake for extended periods this hormone can cause our bodies to crave high calorie foods.

A distruption in these hormonal functions can hinder a weightloss plan, make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and eventually contribute to the cause of obesity.

A lack of sleep also causes lower daytime energy levels making it difficult to keep active.

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