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Motor Racing Legend Peter Brock-Championed Chiropractic

Peter Brock-Championed Chiropractic Australia‘s most famous and successful motor racing champion the late Peter Brock.

Peter’s understanding and value of Chiropractic was proven by him as being a long term patient of Chiropractic, as well as proudly being a guest speaker at many Chiropractic functions.

Testament of Peter’s trust in Chiropractic came when he suffered a serious accident in a kart race, he collided with another kart hitting his chest on the steering wheel and breaking the steering wheel, then landing on his head. He ended up in a Darwin hospital for X-rays, and was cleared of any serious injuries. Subsequently at Peter’s request a Chiropractor was organised at 11:00 pm that night. The Chiropractor was on the front lawn of the Darwin hospital (as back then Chiropractors were not allowed in hospitals) treating Peter. Two days later he is in a Jackaroo doing the round Australia rally again. He founded the Peter Brock foundation which allocates funds to support individuals, families, community groups and organisations that have demonstrated genuine need.

He supported the Australian Aboriginal Community.

He was the athlete liason officer for the Australian Olympic Teams in Sydney and Athens, giving Australian athletes motivation, support and mentoring.

Patron of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation which supports Chiropractic spinal research.

He was a guest speaker at many functions over his career.

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